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Arman-trade SHABESTARI

Arman-trade construction and all industrial valves supplier SHABESTARI : Arman-Trade is specializes in selling various Faucet products in wide range of materials. Our products are designed, engineered, manufactured, warehoused and shipped in compliance international quality standards Built-in Valves Built in shower valves Milk Bath Bath faucet and shower Kitchen Faucet Standard Kitchen Faucet/motionsense/touchless 20 years of experience selling in the domestic market and foreign Arman-trade construction products: Gates, SHABESTARI sanitary valves, Gates valves, eye color, built-in thermostatic valves, valves, and electronic valves and ready to sell. Professional and reliable 2000 enterprise customer contract, governmental, private, company Arman trade is a very well established, experienced and professional trade -company in Pluming Products such as Electronic Faucets, Valve, Electronic Shower. We are specializing in this field for more 20 years. Our products have been sold over 2000 satisfied customers nationalwide in, private and public sectors.

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Mail : arman-trad@bbs-shabestary.com Tel No : 0098 - 2166 493 458 Fax No : 0098 - 2166 973 118 Add : no31 , Hojat Pesaj , Between Se Rahe Jomhoori & Felestin sq , Tehran , Iran


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  • Phone: 0098-9124771383
  • arman.trad@gmail.com
  • Address : no31 , Hojat Pesaj , Between Se Rahe Jomhoori & Felestin sq , Tehran , Iran

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